Ambush 2013

[Pictures coming soon!]

Spring 2013, Hamburg.┬áNon-european immigrant aggression against German. Three turks (i. e. cowards) ambushed me, one of them sliced my face with a knife when i was already lying on the ground.They took my telephone and my headphones. If you ask me, this was not just a “normal” robbery but a struggle for the habitat. Women are raped and men are beaten, stabbed and murdered in the streets all over europe. Don’t expect any help of the media or the goverments. If you try to speak the truth you are often convicted for demagoguery. Dissonant opinions are nipped in the bud. The media and the goverments are totally working against us. They are simply lying about the real facts. Systematically. I think we all know the game and their plans. Fellow europeans be on the alert. We can’t tolerate these crimes. Our greatest weapon in these days is the truth. The truth, refined with the courage of honourable men and women. Wohlan!